02 Mar2012March 2, 2012

Bringing Mindfulness to Schools:

Such good info and worth sharing! An Interview with Co-Founder Megan Cowan By Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D. If you’ve been following The Mindfulness and Psychotherapy Blog, you’ve read and interacted around the psychology and neuroscience of mindfulness in relation to stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma, and so much more. Today, I have the honor of interviewing,...

29 Feb2012February 29, 2012

Children’s Research Institute Yoga Study!!!!!

httpv://youtu.be/F8zSwSm_07I   Oh my god!! Love this! The first real study for kids yoga, need to stay on top of this and follow the results. Click here to learn about Keri Hainsworth, PhD who is leading this research.

27 Feb2012February 27, 2012

Mantras for Kids and Teens: Transforming Kids One Positive Affirmation at a Time

Mantras are not only for adults, but also for kids and teens too!  The general definition of a mantra is set of sounds, syllables, or words that is believed to have the power to transform one’s state.  Of course, we can have all sorts of mantras… some are conscious, and meant for promoting empowerment, and...

14 Feb2012February 14, 2012

INSANITY Will Be On Dr. Oz This Wednesday! Kids Yoga Parents Get fit!

INSANITY, one of Beachbody’s top products, will be featured on the Dr. Oz show this Wednesday, February 15th! Shaun T, INSANITY’s co-creator and trainer, will provide viewers with a miracle plan to bring their best body back. Plus, viewers will get the three revolutionary rules they need to know to burn fat all day long....

06 Feb2012February 6, 2012

Save the dates! Kids Yoga Teacher Training!

This video is from the fall, all is relevant expect the dates, join us April 13th, 14th and 15th, 2012  or September 14th, 15th & 16th FREE kids’ yoga class Saturday and Sunday at Noon httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XT_DHepP1w See the Facebook invite here! Visit the Samadhi website with more details..

25 Jan2012January 25, 2012

Yoga and Children’s Mental Health

Yoga and Children’s Mental Health By Jennifer Van Pelt, MA Social Work Today In March of 2011, yoga programs in schools and hospitals were featured in a Wall Street Journal article that summarized the many benefits for children’s overall mental health. Clinical studies have shown that yoga not only improves physical fitness in children but...

21 Jan2012January 21, 2012

Kids Yoga, Teens too Coming Soon to a School Near You: 5 Reasons Why This Is Awesome!

Kids Yoga, Teens too Coming Soon to a School Near You: 5 Reasons Why This Is Awesome! By Abby Wills While yoga has been practiced in schools across the country for several decades, lately the movement has sky rocketed. Organizations coast to coast are successfully implementing yoga in thousands of classrooms via live teachers, digital...

18 Jan2012January 18, 2012

Growing Kids Spiritually in a Fast Paced World

Growing Kids Spiritually in a Fast Paced World It seems today, that there is an ever-increasing challenge to maintain a connection between everyday life and spirituality.  As information becomes more and more readily available to us, it seems that our connection with a higher power, the essence of life, becomes diminished in the fast paced...

21 Dec2011December 21, 2011

Yoga and the Inner-Outer Life of Kids

Yoga and the Inner-Outer Life of Children “Flow down and down in ever widening rings of being.” -Rumi The above quote describes Rumi’s philosophy of what transpersonal psychologists call the dimensions of process.  In layman terms, human life is composed of this fascinating relationship between inner and outer experience, and beyond that, a deeper and...