Babies can do yoga? Kids Yoga Guide share the truth!

Yes, they can! And they need your help. Gently massaging, moving and engaging with your baby, Baby yoga is a great way to practice yoga.  Yoga means to yoke=union= unite, and what better way to begin life than continue this extension of oneness that the baby experienced in the womb. Moms are looking to get back into society, be around like minded moms, and reconnect with their ever changing bodies.


Can’t make it out to the studio to practice Mom and Me Yoga? Do classes conflict with nap time, feeding time? Then check out the Baby Yoga eBook and experience all these benefits in the privacy of your own home.. Click here to find out more.


Check out this testimonial from Kendra and Isadora… don’t mind the sloppiness at the beginning.. give me a break.. I am a super busy single mom.. you get the point right.. I am far from perfect and this is about the babies.

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