As a Yoga mom of a four, almost five, year old Grace, I get to practice more of my yoga off the mat than on these days…

Getting into a handstand is easy when I compare it to raising my daughter Grace. She challenges me to be patient, she gives me many opportunities to practice letting go, and sometimes all I can do is breathe and go into my quiet safe spot inside myself.

I love being a mom and a yogi and now finally understand why I fell into yoga 12 years ago… so that I could survive single motherhood with my daughter named Grace!

Weekly, my goal is to chronicle our adventures together here on my blog and continue to share with you how important, life-saving yoga is for a parent and how amidst all the challenges life gives you (my recent one… dealing with  a years’ worth of child support enforcement from her father) you can breathe through it and still find peace and happiness despite the world swirling around you.

My “Aha Moment” came last Friday. I realized I am doing a good job as a yogi mom. I was teaching Family Yoga and Grace was with me. Let me start from the beginning. Since I started teaching Jivamutki Yoga (translation, living liberated, enlightened while in this body), I have been using a wonderful Lavender lotion with my students and my moms that bring their kids into classes, especially my prenatal mommies. This touch is a much needed few moments of heaven.  In a moment or two, touch and a relaxing smell can allow them to let go. Grace has been watching me do this for years; she recalls remembering it as a baby. In the last year or so, she started laying down in final relaxation pose and asking me to give her lotion as well. I gently wave the smell over her nose, guide her shoulders down and massage her neck, ears, and forehead, followed by a touch on the third eye and the chest as a blessing; this is how I share it with the moms as well.

Usually she is the only child who wants this. Lately my students’ kids (many who are growing up with me and I have known for 2 years, including the nine months in the womb) are interested, so I am sharing this with toddlers and older kids to. On Friday once I finished my rounds, Grace, who was watching  me, asked if I would like some too? I was slightly surprised and of course graciously said yes.  I was filled with gratitude that my daughter was now offering this treat to me. She saw how I had been giving to others and wanted to give back to me.  I realized the yoga I have been teaching her was more than just fun poses and games that we play. I felt so blessed.

Thanks for reading… I would love to hear how your little yogi’s are sharing the yoga they learn off the mat and bringing it into the world.