A few weeks back my daughter Grace kept me on track with living a yogic lifestyle by motivating me to take her to “Trunk or Treat” at Mile Hi Church (a family friendly safe experience). I hadn’t planned it, as I have been in a funk lately (mostly due to the ongoing up and down of the child support issues).

When I picked her up from school one of the teachers asked her if she was going.  The interesting thing is that this teacher is not one of her own teachers but one she only sees at recess. One day this teacher shared with her that she had seen her on stage at Mile Hi Church, singing the Face of God, this began their connection. Now there is a soulful bond between the two and she runs to her after school for hugs and kisses.

So I said, “What the heck, let’s go” after we teach our first Kids Yoga class at Valdez Elementary School, she promised to be a good role model, for she is a Kids Yoga expert at this point. She was on her best behavior and put on her Tinkerbelle costume and we were off.

It was a cold night and we swiftly went from car to car enjoying the decorations and saying “Trick or Treat”. I was delightfully surprised to find out that they were playing “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”, which I love, and Grace did too.

We decided to stay for the family friendly service. We were entertained by Elvis (Rev. Barry) and Clown Ras, (together they were Raspberry), as well as the dressed up Mile Hi band and the choir kids dancing to Thriller. We enjoyed Simon’s pirate story and lot’s of fun dancing and singing with glow sticks in hand.

I cried tears of joy at the pure love and joy for the support I felt. Being surrounded by like-minded families, laughter and joy warmed my heart. To me this is the Yoga of the Heart and Mind, they offered us and our kids an inspirational and fun Halloween experience.

So what is my point with to all this? Practice… Practice… Practice… no matter what life hands you keep practicing… for me as a single parent, the most important practice of yoga I can have is “staying in the present moment”.

I have to confess… my asana (posture practice) is almost not what it used to be. With full time carpool duties (including before and after school care), teaching classes, coaching clients, with time to eat and daily chores, and being a single mom it’s about all I can handle right now.

My practice these days is staying positive, affirmations, prayer, living a yogic lifestyle, and being mindful through these challenging times.   I keep reminding myself… this too shall pass!

So I am so grateful as my daughter nudges me to connect with others… get out of our little house, with its mountain of dishes to be washed and to be in the world… to show up! “I always feel better when I take ACTION”.

So far, I have been taken care of through so many adverse experiences and lived to tell about it.  I know I am here on this planet for a reason. I am going to continue to keep my chin up high and move forward one breath at a time… one breath at a time… one breath at a time!

Questions for YOU! How do your kids help you practice yoga OFF the Mat?

Share your comments here…

Namaste & Play!