So it’s the New Year! It’s 2011, hard to believe. Since having my daughter five years ago, it’s seems that life in the fast lane has truly begun, it’s hard to keep track of it all. I still remember her being 2 and wonder what happened to the years 3 and 4.

I started the Kids Yoga Guide in September of 2010 as a way to share and educate about my love of all things about Kids and Yoga. Yoga IS my way of life and so IS my daughter. Bringing them together was a natural process. In the last year or so a union (yoga), transformation has taken place. My daughter Grace has become a YOGINI! She has been practicing yoga all her life, yet now it’s become a part of who she is (at least with me and at our home ;-).

My goal (it is a New Year right?!?!) is to share with you weekly our ongoing adventures. In the Jivamukti Yoga style that I teach we have a focus of the month, click here to see it! I thought what a great way to connect these teachings into kids’ yoga and share my writings about our adventures. So today I am going to share with you the 3 steps (my version) of being a householder yogi.

Given that the holidays have just ended our house if full of fun gifts, from Zhu Zhu pets to dolls, games, and art projects, but the truth is to K.I. S.S. it, (Keep it Simple Sweeti)
A good friend of mine that I connected within a Breakthrough class at the Mile Hi Church (Spiritual Center) gave me a gift, a Zen Garden. Grace found it and begged and pleaded with me to set it up, so she could play with it. She simply spent a half-hour raking the sand, creating a mini fort with the rocks, and being mindful. She was Zen. It was truly peaceful to see her soften in this way.

Children are sponges. This is both a good and bad thing. If you expose them to a lot of TV, video games, and negative influences, then they become what they experience in their environment. This is why, instead, you should be looking at what you were exposed to as you grew up, it might be beneficial to let them soak up some of the same things you did when you were there age, for example if they enjoy gaming why not look to download a fire emblem gba rom or a game from a similar era to play alongside them and create positive memories and atmospheres. The same is true with exposing them to positive, happy, and helpful influences. Today, as Grace was enjoying the Zen garden, I heard her singing quietly under her breath. It took me a few minutes to decipher what she was singing. Here it is in her own voice.Grace I am happy-Sat Nam 1_2_11 2_08 PM [audio:]

I am happy, I am good, I am happy, I am good, Sat Nam sat nam sat nam ji, waheguru waheguru waheguru ji

I was so excited. About two weeks ago, I was reviewing a Kids Yoga DVD for my web site and we did some of it together, watched some and simply played while it was on. It’s called “Shanti the Yogi” by Snatuam Kaur (see the review on my web site here). Shanti means Peace, the story is of a young girl on a mountain adventure. She practices yoga, chants, and meditates along the way. Needless to say I have a HAPPY sponge!

One year ago, I stepped into Mile Hi Church and was welcomed home, by many yogi like-minded people. There I found positive energy, inspiring music, amazing people, all traveling their own paths, and many who supported me on mine as I was challenged in many ways. One of my favorite people there is Reverend Barry Ebert. He was very supportive of a relationship that I had that ended last year as well as my parenting, he’s an amazing Love and Logic teacher. Grace absolutely loves him and his fun music! This week Grace made sure that we gave him our Happy New Year Card with a picture of the two of us on it. It’s so wonderful to know that good people are praying for you while challenging times are happening, and that they are holding the space for the highest good to be revealed, especially when you can’t see it yourself.

All this happened in a day. It was a beautiful and fulfilling day, yet also a sad day as she heads out to dad’s for a few days. It feels to good to have this kind of day after spending 8 days together and her not seeing her dad during this time. This last week has been busy, we enjoyed a Christmas together on the December 26th and numerous little fun outings with family (the Hudson Lights, Wildlife Adventure, The Children’s Museum) yoga classes, and business meetings too (thankfully other single yoga moms, who had their kids there as well).

I am grateful for the three S’s in my life this week and to start the new year off right. Thank you simplicity, sponge and support!

Namaste & Play

Peace and Love Always,
Casey Feicht