Due to popular demand, the price of the Training has changed. I believe whole-heartily that the timing is right for Kids Yoga to take over the world! 😉 Just Kidding!

I do know that the demand is high for teachers who love kids, are knowledgeable about yoga and ready to teach the next generation these amazing gifts. Dozens of health clubs, yoga studio, recreation centers, day cares and schools are looking to hire “Kids Yoga” Teachers.

For those of us who do teach we often scramble to find subs if we are sick or headed out of town. With the popular demand of yoga, it’ natural for families to want to get their kids involved, as a family that plays together, stays together. Kids camps are a popular summer time activity and the demand for kids yoga like camps are popping up everywhere.. will you be on board? For more information, click here to get started on your way!

Check out the new camp I am involved in! It’s called Camp Gratitude.. I am so excited! Camp Gratitude at Samadhi this camp will fill up fast, so sign up for the training today to become one of our teachers and spread the word to the kids you know to sign up NOW! Coming Soon, Camp Gratitude all summer long

Namaste & Play!