16 Apr2012April 16, 2012

Meditation not Medication: Believing in the Body

The body is a magnificent mechanism; an organic machine capable of extraordinary feats from hiking a 29,000 foot peak or running hundreds of miles at time, to giving birth and living over 100 years of life. What a miracle it is to be alive and in a body! Though we as humans can see the...

12 Apr2012April 12, 2012

Let’s Move with Kids’ Holy Yoga!

Let’s Move! invites faith-based, community, and other organizations to create inspiring videos about their efforts to reverse the trend of childhood obesity. Here is one organization in the video challenge, read more about the challenge below.   The Let’s Move! Communities on the Move Video Challenge invites faith-based, community, and other non-profit organizations working with...

09 Apr2012April 9, 2012

Kids Meditation and Self-Regulation

Self-regulation is ones ability to take responsibility for their emotions, channeling that energy into positive choices. Simply put, self-regulation is the psychological science term for self-control. The ability to self-regulate is a core strength, essential for healthy emotional development. As infants and young children we depend on others to regulate our needs, such as eating,...

06 Apr2012April 6, 2012

Kids Yoga for Easter at the White House (Video)

The 2012 Easter Egg Roll, a White House tradition since 1878! This year’s event will take place on Monday April 9, 2012. Last year we welcomed over 30,000 visitors from all 50 states. The Easter Egg Roll will include activities outside, inside, and on top of the White House this year! This video is from...

03 Apr2012April 3, 2012

Colorado’s elementary schools strive to give kids more exercise

Yoga, themed recess and brain breaks have found their place at elementary schools across Colorado as educators find more ways to get kids moving — and to comply with new laws.  “We have been finding some schools really made an effort,” said Karen Ryan, policy director for Live Well Colorado, a nonprofit focusing on decreasing...